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Although briefly, Mercury Cazimi affords the stoic clarity of the Saturn-disposited Messenger. An impervious foundation must be cemented in order to actualize the unison between realism and idealism. November Jupiter Cazimi.

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This condition, known as Cazimi , is the Medieval astrological term that defines closely conjoined planets within 16 arc minutes. In the case of Jupiter, he will be doubly fortified, considering he is already in his domicile. Likewise, the waning Cancerian Moon in domicile opposes Pluto. The malefic contrary to sect Saturn , although in his domicile, is angular in the fourth place. In electional astrology , a foundational principle is to avoid placing malefics in angular houses, especially if contrary to sect.

Although Saturn is dignified and slightly mitigating Mars via sextile, in a night chart, angular Saturn, coupled with challenging aspects in this case, applicable to both Saturn and Mars are fundamental themes to avoid. While there are positive features to this chart, the benefits of Cazimi do not necessarily override its challenges. Babylonian astronomers were the first documenters of Jupiter. As the fifth planet from the Sun, Jupiter is the fourth brightest celestial sphere in our solar system.

Of all celestial bodies in our solar system, Jupiter has the speediest rotation, at 9 hours, 55 minutes, and 30 seconds. This amplifying energy alludes to the atmospheric, genial warmth that astrologically corresponds to Jupiter. Expansively, Jupiter radiates more energy than it receives from the Sun.

Jupiter is a diurnal planet, of hot and moist nature, and of sanguine temperament. A planet in its own domicile readily possesses the tools to initiate and consummate its quest. Neither exaggerated exaltation nor constricted detriment, fall in its energetic framework, a planet in its domicile functions as effortlessly as the qualities it embodies. On November 8th, , at AM ET, Jupiter, ingresses into his anticipated year-long Sagittarian domicile until December 3rd, where his bow is fully drawn in sweeping flight.

This ingress oversees the full expression of the eternal, fiery force of courage, the primal fire reflected in opportune angularity. This marks the initial trajectory of Jupiter in its domicile, with all of the necessary weaponry to swiftly liberate and expand its Jovian embodiment. Upon the astrological plane, Sagittarius is the mobile unit of the fiery trigon.

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He serves as the governing force of humanity, and that which oversees the necessity of justly law and order. In this expression, the bow, a metaphor for strength or force, flings its arrows in any opportune direction. This forward momentum of restless energy interminably seeks new modes of expression. As author of noble charity, the genuine son of Jupiter signifies higher moral character and humanitarian qualities. Upon the astrological sphere, Jupiter is deemed the Greater Benefic, possessing the highest form of human expression and rarest qualities of justice.

The Centaur, too, is a symbol of secular knowledge, and its influence indicates external powers of merciful command as a result of its mental organizational skills. Representing the muscular foundation, Sagittarius is the emblem of stability, foundation, and physical power. While a planet in its domicile is shielded from the solar rays, a planet simultaneously in domicile whilst Cazimi is doubly fortified.

Both the Sun and Jupiter are joined in a stellium with Mercury retrograde , which can impact the places overseen by the Messenger in this example, the 7th and 10th houses, respectively , heralding potent initiations, provided that its transformative properties are respected. Having mentioned this, however, there are specific reasons why I will forgo this Jupiter Cazimi election, which will be discussed in a forthcoming article.

For the purposes of this post, I am providing this information as it pertains to the ingress of Jupiter into Sagittarius. In other words, Venus retrograde will closely approach the Sun, transferring, via orbit, between the solar rays and Earth. Simultaneously, Venus will cross perigee, lying on the same side as the Earth in our solar system. This transition ushers her renewal as heoia , or morning star, over the forthcoming weeks. This condition, known as Cazimi, is the Medieval astrological term that defines closely conjoined planets within 16 arc minutes.

For the purposes of this article, I will be focusing on the tighter value of 16 arc minutes. Therefore, for the purposes of this election, it is critical to make the best use of this brief Cazimi portal, if one chooses to work with this planet in isolation. As a general election, this is not unfavorable for friendships, organizations, and creativity or even children. A somber yet responsible presence is framed by diurnal Saturn in the first in his domicile while Venus Cazimi is overseeing the 5th and 10th places, respectively.

There is slight mitigation as he is overcome by both benefics via sign-based square. Still, this is not a suitable election for finances. Maybe those conclusions could be applied in some way to natal charts, but it is certainly difficult to find evidence of that immunity in horary charts, which are generally simpler, less nuanced and more direct in their results. There is no planet insensitive to the dangerous effects of a conjunction with the Sun and it is quite easy to verify this fact in horary questions.

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Whenever the main significator finds itself in application to combustion, the answer will be unfavourable. The light of a combust Mars is as invisible as the light of any other celestial body in the same situation and that is the crucial factor. As far as Mercury as a combust significator is concerned, its feebleness will determine, as a rule, an unfavourable outcome.

Whether or not we distinguish a phase of combustion from being simply under the rays, the consequent invisibility of the planet involved testifies to its universally recognized debility. It is no exaggeration to say that the Sun, in conjunction, acts for all practical purposes as a powerful malefic. On the contrary, if proximity to the day luminary is harmful, sitting on his lap, protected in his arms, in perfect union, is a condition that identifies a free zone, a haven of peace, an Eden of exaltation, right in the centre of the space attributed to combustion.

This is the case when a planet is exactly conjunct the daytime luminary — the natural symbol of the King, of success and power. A planet thus situated, in the heart of the Sun, is in a position of the greatest accidental strength imaginable, in sharp contrast with the severe debilitation implied by being simply close to the Sun burnt or combust , but not sitting on his lap.

It is dignified and protected by favour of the King, at the height of its influence.

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Abraham Ibn-Ezra writes:. A planet under the light of the Sun is like a person in prison. A combust planet is like a dying person. A planet joined with the Sun is like a person sitting with the king in one chair. The synodic or cazimi planet does not enjoy the throne for its lofty virtues and qualities, as it would if it were endowed with great essential dignity, but only by virtue of benevolence and indulgence of those in power. It has the opportunity to temporarily share the throne with the legitimate ruler.


As long as it enjoys this favour, it can take advantage of its fortunate condition, which, however, is anything but stable. Astronomically, the duration of these favourable external conditions is indicated by the permanence of the exact conjunction to the Sun. But both the Sun and the planet which has been conceded a seat next to the luminary move along the ecliptic at different speeds. When the planet moves out of the conjunction it will lose the power granted it, which was not its own. That is why this form of dignity, no matter how effective, is defined accidental.

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  • Among the most historically influential authors in horary techniques, we find very different definitions of cazimi. Sahl bin Bishr a Jew of Persian origins — 9th c. CE , dealing with the eleven conditions of planetary strength, writes in his Introductorium :. The tenth is if the planets are in the heart of the Sun, meaning when they are within one degree of it.

    Cazimi in Horary Astrology

    A whole degree for the synodic planet is a prescription from Hellenistic times, but the Arab astrologers tended to refine that limit, transforming it from a symbolic figure to a visually determined quantity, restricting its range. Here is what Guido Bonatti, a 13th century Italian medieval astrologer and an admirer of the Arab heritage, writes in his comprehensive treatise, Liber Astronomiae :.

    However, over the centuries this meticulous attention to the precision of the astronomical data seems to fade, at least among the authors of the early-modern period. The great horarist William Lilly 17th c. A planet is in the heart of the Sun, or in Cazimi, when he is not removed from him 17 min.

    We can be assured that Lilly is not referring to latitude in this excerpt because when he deems it necessary to consider latitude as well as longitude, he usually mentions it explicitly, as he does while discussing of fixed stars. It is no coincidence that Bonatti had already complained, some centuries before, about the lack of attention to latitude with the majority of his contemporaries:.

    Indeed I am in agreement with them, but not purely and simply. So, who is correct in his definition of cazimi?