February 24 solar eclipse horoscope

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Solar Eclipse in Soulful Pisces February 26/27, 2017

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February 3, Partial. July 30, Partial. February 14, February 24, March 7, March 18, March 29, April 8, April 20, April 30, May 11, May 22, June 2, December 13, July 21, May 9, February 25, December 14, A Full Moon or Lunar eclipse can reveal hidden insights, and help you reconnect with forgotten ideas. There are many divine and bright symbols that go with the Sun in Leo.

At heart this is a time to let your light shine in the world.


The first one is at 8 Pisces, on February 26 or 27, depending on where in the world you are. The second one is at 28 Leo on August 21 or 22, again depending on where you are.

Surfing The Solar Eclipse In Pisces - Sally Kirkman Astrologer

Throughout history eclipses have been seen as magical signs, often interpreted as warnings. While it can be disconcerting to experience a solar eclipse — seeing the Sun darken in the middle of the day is odd for sure — it is a symbol that can mean a few different things. The red planet, Mars, powers through Aries, one of his home signs and strongest places, from January 28 — March Side note — this covers the whole of the current eclipse season!

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Mars in Aries is about action, the impulsive, shot from the hip, straight from the heart kind of doing. In actual astro news, the Sun makes its annual pass over the karmic South Node, currently in Pisces, today. This is a combination about emptying out, letting go and making peace with the past.

Old stuff — feelings, fears, philosophies — may re-appear. If so, examine them.

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Ask yourself, does this still serve me? If not, release.

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Let it go. Stop doing the thing or feeling the feeling.

roxlatoukanu.ga Eclipses are pattern breakers. They show a shift in the usual way of doing things. This means every eclipse is a great chance to shake up your routine and explore a wide variety of new rituals. This particular Leo Lunar Eclipse is especially unpredictable, as it activates an already powerful triangle pattern that has formed between Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.