January 9 astrology eclipse

January 9 astrology eclipse

Eclipse was not visible at all. Actual eclipse visibility depends on weather conditions and line of sight to the Moon. Lunar eclipses can be visible from everywhere on the night side of the Earth, if the sky is clear. From some places, the entire eclipse will be visible, while in other areas the Moon will rise or set during the eclipse. Usually, there are two eclipses in a row, but other times, there are three during the same eclipse season. First eclipse this season: 5—6 January — Partial Solar Eclipse. All rights reserved.

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Menu timeanddate. Tweet Follow. Facebook Twitter. Live Eclipse Animation will start at:. You are using an outdated browser, to view the animation please update or switch to a modern browser. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun's, blocking most of the Sun's light and causing the Sun to look like an annulus ring. An annular eclipse appears as a partial eclipse over a region of the Earth thousands of kilometres wide.

This eclipse is a member of a semester series.

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An eclipse in a semester series of solar eclipses repeats approximately every days and 4 hours a semester at alternating nodes of the Moon's orbit. Note: Partial solar eclipse of February 14, and August 9, belong to the last lunar year set.

Solar saros , repeating every about 18 years, 11 days, and 8 hours, contains 71 events. The series started with a partial solar eclipse on April 25, It contains total eclipses from July 10, , to October 9, It contains hybrid eclipses on October 20, , and October 30, It contains annular eclipses from November 11, , to February 28, The series ends at member 71 as a partial eclipse on June 7, The longest total eclipse occurred on June 21, , with greatest duration of totality at 6 minutes and 20 seconds.

The longest annular eclipse will occur on February 28, , with greatest duration of annularity at 2 minutes and 27 seconds.

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The metonic series repeats eclipses every 19 years Eclipses occur in nearly the same calendar date. All eclipses in this table occur at the Moon's ascending node. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Solar eclipse of January 5, Map. A Catalogue of Eclipse Cycles. Utrecht University. Retrieved 6 October Solar eclipses.

The Moon interrupts the flow of solar radiation, disrupting existing energetic matrices, which facilitates a reconfiguration in our consciousness. Eclipses amplify the effects of the new moon or full moon with a lunar eclipse. This is a partial eclipse, but still very intense and impactful. If you have been waiting to take action, now is the time. The concentration of celestial bodies in one sign is called a stellium. Eclipses occur in relationship to the Lunar Nodes. The North Node points us towards the future and challenges us to evolve in ways relative to that sign.

Now in Cancer we are drawn to focus on our relationship to our feelings, emotions, the feminine, Mother Earth, food, and family. The South Node now in Capricorn signifies our past and what we must leave behind, especially our entrenched patterns, wounds, and misperceptions. The South Node in Capricorn brings up old behavior patterns, which we must look at and release to climb our personal Capricorn mountain.

The shadow side of Capricorn includes the misuse of all forms of power and control — manipulation, greed, abuse, domination, and authoritarianism. The selfish ego side of Capricorn is driven by power and status and strives to dominate and win at any cost. But we are always at choice — power, authority, and influence can be wielded with either good and malefic intentions.

The dark side of Capricorn also manifests and as victim-hood and personal disempowerment, abdicating our power and projecting powerlessness. We seriously limit our choices by negative attitudes and letting ourselves be overly influenced by what others think and want from us.

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The Capricorn mountain goat develops discipline, patience, and determination by dedicating its life to climbing its own mountain. We ascend up our mountain as we discover and focus on delivering what our soul came to offer to the world. We each determine our own view of success, which comes from achieving our own sovereignty.

Saturn, Pluto, and Capricorn all play a long game, for which we need to develop patience, persistence, and the ability to deal with painful feelings. There are no free lunches in their territory. Saturn is in Capricorn from 19 December to 16 December Pluto is in Capricorn from to Together they compel us to release the shadow side of Capricorn and become responsible, conscious co-creators of our lives.

Saturn ruler of Capricorn is the planet of rules, limits, boundaries, and consequences. Saturn, strong in its home sign, teaches us that when we follow some basic rules and persist with self-honesty there is a sense of rightness that is very rewarding. Almost anything negative can be turned around when we wisely use the energies of this potent solar eclipse.

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Pluto is our deep psychologist, making us aware of what we try to avoid or deny — obsessions, hidden agendas, and power issues. Both Saturn and Pluto are heavy and dominating energies that apply pressure on our sensitive emotions. In Pluto territory, there is no wiggle room for superficiality. Pluto probes to the core.

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Capricorn teaches us to stand tall and gives us the endurance to keep going. Remember we are climbing a mountain, not taking a casual walk. Self-, mastery is the touchstone and the goal that we must keep in mind in dealing with our life challenges. Our tests, whether they are related to work, relationships, finances, or heath, are not designed to annoy us although they often do.

It is how we deal with our life issues that chisels our unformed and immature character into a diamond. We can take advantage of the laser-like focus of the Capricorn stellium to evaluate and reorient our current situation. We take another step upward with hard work, dedication, and our spiritual practice. Our sense of victory is registered in an improvement in our overall well-being, attitude, and health.

Fortunately our growth and maturation process has an built-in sense of satisfaction. We are supported and carried through to our next phase. The Capricorn stellium brings our attention to karma and dharma.